Established by a group of business professionals with broad experience in PR/communications, consulting, event management and business development, Charta Bureau provides services to institutions and organizations operating in both the business and cultural spheres.

Charta Bureau delivers complex projects, addressing each customer’s specific needs for all phases of the business, from ideation to implementation and growth. Services include consulting, business development, graphic design, advertising, media and public relations, lobbying, language localization, editing and publishing services, photographic and video production, and event management, and can be tailored to the individual client’s needs.

Charta Bureau, conveniently based in the Czech Republic’s capital Prague in the heart of Europe, can be also your partner for international project development.

Charta Bureau focuses on:

      > online strategies and social media marketing
      > graphic and web design
      > advertising
      > media relations
      > publishing and editing services
      > translations
      > photo and video production
      > printing and publishing services
      > international partnership development (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, UK, China)
      > new market assessment, penetration, and marketing
      > European Commission projects
      > IT consulting in the fields of project, program and service management
    • EVENTS
      > event planning
      > event production
      > art direction
      > catering
      > communication & PR services
      > public relations
      > lobbying for public institutions and private companies
      > relationship management with research institutes, public institutions and private companies
      > provision of complex solutions, including but not limited to the above subject areas

Charta Bureau believes that communication is a fundamental principle for achieving every project’s potential. An integrated approach involving implementation of relevant instruments allows us to help your business be more efficient. Charta Bureau stands out in its ability to add value to your projects with what we are most proud of: unique ideas.