diario-di-eva-totale-01-300x224In 2011 Infonet Solutions has realized a special gift, which helps to spread in an original way the essential value of art and culture.
Starting from the text of Eve’s Diary, one of the most famous stories of Mark Twain, it has been realized an audiobook with original music and sound design, involving once again the artist Franco Hüller, who designed a numbered series of 201 original covers that trace the story told by Twain. Every single copy of the audiobook is therefore a unique work that combines images, words, sounds and music.

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Watch the video made by Franco Hüller merging audio and images



secondavoce2-300x122In 2010 Infonet Solutions dedicated to its customers and employees another exclusive and personalized gift.
It was involved the Venetian writer and essayist Fernando Marchiori and the artist Franco Hüller – who now lives and works in Prague. To each single customer and employee it was given a copy of the plaquette of tales “The second voice” by Fernando Marchiori (published by Charta Bureau), embellished with a jacket with an original drawing by Franco Hüller. Each work is unique, different for each of the 151 volumes, and numbered by the artist.

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passepartout1-300x211At the end of 2009 Infonet Solutions dedicated to its customers and employees an exclusive and personalized gift, according to its mission: taking care of the peculiar relationship with each one.
The artist Franco Hüller was involved to create something unique: to each customer and employee it has been given an original work of Franco Hüller, signed and numbered in a collection of 100 unique pieces.

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