A crisis always represents a delicate situation: a company, a project, a structure, the relationship with an important referent; it means the lack of the right instruments in facing a specific situation. In these critical moments related to important aspects of communication, Charta Bureau is able to stand side by side to its customers to coordinate, concert and realize the right exit strategies appropriate to the shared goals and to the external image proposed in these contexts.

The consolidated experience of Charta Bureau’s team helps to find out the potential crisis areas, and to arrange the specific procedures for the case, always in accordance to the company’s management or the training in case of public speaking.

Where needed, material to be used in the internal/external communication, action plans for different critical hypotheses, and prevention strategies, are produced. If the crisis is already in progress, Charta Bureau can share the strategic analysis of the situation and the definition of levels for specific actions, identifying the right referents and coordinating a direction booth for the crisis.

Developing a communication plan in a state of crisis is the base of Charta Bureau’s work, together with the constant monitoring of the situation and a close collaboration with the management.